Soirée Médiévale de Touques

Soirée Médiévale de Touques

Rue de la Poste, 14800 Touques, France

Touques, the medieval gem of Normandy, invites you to step back in time and immerse yourself in the era of Norman dukes, Vikings, troubadours, and knights. Since 2011, this historic city has celebrated its preserved heritage with a series of enchanting events.

The evening commences with a grand medieval ball, hosted by the renowned Carité de Guingamor. These merry jugglers excel in dance demonstrations and initiations, guiding even the most inexperienced participants through the steps of pavanes, branles, and gaillardes. Their elaborate period costumes transport you to the bygone days of old.

At 11 p.m., the remarkable Arche en Sel takes the stage for the second part of the evening. This street arts company specializes in breathtaking fire and pyrotechnic shows. Drawing inspiration from Celtic and Norse legends and mythologies, they create a magical world of ballets of fire, swirling sparks, majestic phoenixes, and giant puppets. Their rhythmic and dynamic performances will captivate all who gather in the parking lot near the Saint-Thomas church.

To further enhance the experience, period catering offering grilled meats and a refreshment bar will be available throughout the evening. In the Lavoir car park, tables and chairs will be arranged, providing an opportunity to share a friendly and authentic moment.

Join Touques as it brings history to life and transports you to a time of chivalry, mythology, and medieval splendor!

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17 Jun 2023 - 17 Jun 2023
07:00 PM to 11:30 PM


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