Medieval Reenactment Groups

Historical reenactment groups and living history groups offer an insight into how men and women lived in past times. These groups often focus on reenactment of wars, offering members (and sometimes the public) a glimpse of what life was like during the conflicts that shaped history.

Here you can find a list of groups that portray the Middle Ages. This list is by no means complete. To submit a reenactment group for consideration, please contact us here.


Group name Impression Links
Milites Templi Templars    
Ridders Van Pendragon Middle Ages    
Den Yzeren Beer Late 15th century  
Pynnock Ridders Horst Late Middle Ages  
Shire of Trivium Middle Ages (SCA)  
Brabant Boven 1453    
De schelmen van't Scheldt 1450  
De Legende 1477    
Witte Raven Late Middle Ages  


Group name Impression Links
Malleo Anglie Middle Ages    
Die Ordonnanz 15th century    
Landsknechte Bretten 1490 - 1510  

The Netherlands

Group name Impression Links
Het Vaerdich Volk Late Middle Ages    
Heeren Van Altena 15th century    
Het Vrije Gezelschap Early 15th century, travelers  
The Wentwood Company 1380 - 1420    
Westerwolders 1475 15th century    
't Uytschot 15th century  
Huurlingen van Voorne 1410 - 1450  
De Graven Van Holland 15th century  
Compagnie van Brederode 15th century  
Verbond van Christophorus 1450 - 1480    

United Kingdom

Group name Impression Links
The Companye of Merrie Folke Medieval and Tudor    
The House of the Twin Tailed Lion 13th century  
Wythe Retinue Wars of the Roses  
Maranella Medieval Minstrels Minstrels  
Savile Household 15th century  
Knights of Royal England Jousting    
Buckingham's Retinue Wars of the Roses    
Frei Compagnie 15th century  
Wychwood Warriors Early medieval, vikings, Anglo-Saxon    
Conquest Anglo-Norman    
Black Knight Historical Multiple    

United States

Group name Impression Links
Society of the Middle Ages 400 AD to 1500 AD    

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