WW2 Reenactment Groups

Historical reenactment groups and living history groups offer an insight into how men and women lived in past times. These groups often focus on reenactment of wars, offering members (and sometimes the public) a glimpse of what life was like during the conflicts that shaped history.

Here you can find a list of groups that portray the WW2 period. This list is by no means complete. To submit a reenactment group for consideration, please contact us here.


Group name Impression Links
Call of Duty - United Soldiers Multiple  
Smellekens Household Civilian  
3de linie regiment Belgian infantry  
vzw Frontleven '40-'45 Multiple    
35th Infantry Division Belgium Belgian infantry  
30th OLD Hickory Belgium Group Multiple  


Group name Impression Links
3rd Squad US G.I.    


Group name Impression Links
de Klondikes American  

New Zealand

Group name Impression Links
Military Reenactment Society of NZ All, multiple units  


Group name Impression Links
101st Airborne Division Polish    

United Kingdom

Group name Impression Links
Miss Drop 44 101st Airborne 502 PIR      
502nd Pathfinders US 502nd pathfinders of the 101st  
Strictly GI American    
Grenadier Regiment.916, WW2 LHA German    
Citizen Soldiers - Living History Group American  
RNBCR - Royal Navy Beachhead Commando Reenactors British    
Bristol WW2 Re-enactors British  
Panzergrenadier 304 Living History Group German  
Oxfordshire Home Guard Living History Group British  
367 Corps Of Military Police British  
209 Field Dressing Station British  
Royal Warwickshire Regiment British    
WWII 4th Battalion Somerset Light Infantry Reenactors British  
Airborne 44 Reenactment Group British  
Redditch Home Guard reenactment British  
WR28 Haworth Home Guard British  
Suffolk Regiment Living History Society British  
Suffolk Regiment Living History Society British  
284th rifle division Soviet  
Glider Riders American  
6th Guards Airborne Division Soviet  
20th Century Revisited Multiple  
British Forces Living History Club British  
1st Infantry Division British    
Axis-Allied Multiple    

United States

Group name State Impression Links
I/501st PIR Arizona American  
United States Army Air Forces Historical Group Arizona American  
The Wiltshire Regiment Arizona British  
United Press Civilian War Correspondents 1938-1940 California American Reporters  
SoCal WACs California Women's Army Corps  
1st Airborne Division California British  
120th Infantry Rgt. California American  
The California Historical Group California American  
World War II Research and Preservation Society California Multiple Units  
9th Infantry Division Reenacted California American    
Second Squadron, Panzer Aufklärungs Abteilung 13 District of Columbia German  
Fighting Fox Company District of Columbia American  
WWII U.S. Marine Corps Illinois American  
101st Airborne 502nd PIR (the "Widowmakers") Illinois American  
360. Kosaken Grenadier Regiment Illinois German  
201st Latvian Rifle Division Reenactors Illinois Soviet  
World War 2 Reenacting Corps Kansas American  
2nd Battalion 137th Infantry Regiment Kansas American  
704 Tank Destroyer Battalion Michigan American    
I&R Platoon Michigan American  
5th Ranger Battalion, E Coy Michigan American    
The railsplitters Missouri American    
U.S. 2nd Ranger Infantry Battalion of St. Louis, Inc. Missouri American  
1./Jägerregiment.38 Missouri German    
6th Airborne Division, 9th Parachute Battalion Missouri British  
The 29th Panzergrenadier Regiment Missouri German  
Fox Co, 2nd Battalion, 502nd PIR, 101st Airborne Minnesota American  
105th Engineer Combat Battalion 30th Infantry Division Minnesota American  
2nd Platoon, Company H, 507th PIR Nebraska American  
3rd Guards, Red Army WW2 Reenacting Unit Nebraska Russian  
45th Infantry Division New Jersey American  
Dog Company Ohio American  
709th Static (BODENSTÄNDIGE) Infanterie Division Ohio German  
83rd Infantry Division Ohio American  
90th Infantry Division Preservation Group Ohio American  
2.Panzerdivision, 38.Panzer Pionier Bat. Ohio German  
Batfish Living History Association Oklahoma American  
WWII Airborne Demonstration Team Oklahoma American    
The Furious Fourth Pennsylvania American    
30th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division Pennsylvania American  
Allied Airmen's Preservation Society- Midatlantic District Pennsylvania American  
The 82nd Airborne, 508 Parachute Infantry Regiment Pennsylvania American  
79. Infanterie Division Pennsylvania German  
Co L. 143rd Regiment 36th Infantry Division Texas American  
A Company, 1st Battalion, 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment Texas American  
Liberty Jump Team Texas American    
East Penn Re-enactors Group Mid-Atlantic region American    
G Company, 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division Midwest-based American  
5th SS Wiking Midwest-based German  
The Hampshire Regiment Midwest-based british  
2. Kompanie Midwest and Central Plains German  
SS-Panzer Division Multiple German  
1st WAC Living History Group Multiple American Women's Army Corps  
36th Armored Infantry Regiment Multiple American  
26th Infantry “YANKEE” Division Multiple American    
29th Infantry Division Living History Group Multiple American    
504th Parachute Infantry Regiment & 325th Glider Infantry Regiment Multiple American    
7./Gren.Rgt.G.D. Multiple German  
Fox Company, 517th Parachute Regimental Combat Team Mid-Atlantic American  
British 1st Airborne Reconnaissance Squadron A,C,D Company Northeastern USA British Airborne unit  

Multiple countries

Group name Impression Links
World War Two Historical Re-enactment Society All, multiple units  
2. Panzer Division German    

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