Atlantikwall Raversyde

Atlantikwall Raversyde Atlantikwall Raversyde

Oostende, Belgium

Atlantikwall Raversyde is a fascinating historical site located on the coast of Belgium, providing visitors with an immersive experience of World War II.

Here are some of the highlights of this unique location:

  • The Atlantic Wall: The site is home to the remains of the German defense system built along the European coastline during World War II. Visitors can explore bunkers, trenches, and other structures that were part of this massive defense system.
  • Open-Air Museum: The area has been turned into an outdoor museum with exhibits and displays that help visitors comprehend how World War II affected the area.
  • Dioramas: Atlantikwall Raversyde also boasts a collection of stunning dioramas that depict life during the war, including scenes from a military camp, a hospital, and a street during the occupation.
  • Nature Walks: The site is surrounded by beautiful dunes and beach, making it an excellent location for a nature walk. The landscape also served a strategic purpose during the war and played a significant role in the defense of the coastline.

During World War II, the German army built the Atlantic Wall as a line of defense to protect against an Allied invasion. The wall stretched along the entire coast of Europe, and the section that now forms the Atlantikwall Raversyde was a vital part of this defense system.

Today, the site serves as a reminder of the destruction and loss of life that occurred during the war. Visitors can explore the site, learn about the experiences of soldiers and civilians during the war, and reflect on the importance of peace and understanding.


Adult: € 10, Child (6-17yrs): € 4

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