Battle of Aiken Reenactment

Battle of Aiken Reenactment

Aiken County, South Carolina, US

The Battle of Aiken, also referred to as the Action at Aiken, remains a lesser-known skirmish in the annals of the American Civil War. This minor engagement transpired on February 11, 1865, as part of Union General William Tecumseh Sherman's sweeping "March to the Sea" campaign. The battle unfolded with Major General Hugh Judson Kilpatrick leading Union forces and Major General Joseph Wheeler commanding Confederate troops.

The Battle Unfolds

Although the Confederate forces secured a modest triumph over their Union counterparts, it's vital to recognize that the Battle of Aiken bore little weight in the grand scheme of the war. This clash was just one of several inconspicuous encounters that punctuated Sherman's relentless march through South Carolina.

Commemorating History

In the present day, history enthusiasts have the opportunity to relive the Battle of Aiken during a captivating three-day event. This event includes reenactments of the battle, military encampments, and much more. Since its inception in 1995, thousands of spectators have flocked to Aiken each year to witness hundreds of soldiers and living historians resurrecting one of the final Confederate triumphs of the Civil War.

This annual weekend has earned prestigious accolades, such as the SC Parks, Recreation, and Tourism's Governor's Award for Best South Carolina Event. Furthermore, the Battle of Aiken has received the Dr. James Butler National Award for being the nation's premier Living History Program. Additionally, it has been recognized by Reenactment Guide as one of the top 10 Reenactments in America.

Educational Opportunities

Each year, this event draws up to 4,000 students as part of South Carolina's largest school field trip program. On Fridays, children from public schools, private schools, and homeschooling backgrounds converge to witness history come to life.

During the weekend, families can step back in time and immerse themselves in the sights, sounds, and sensations of the Civil War era. Stations offer interactive learning experiences about Civil War music and dance, Medical Field Hospitals, Uniforms, Confederate and Union Camps, Artillery Batteries, Saber Demonstrations, Cavalry Camps, 1861 Women's Fashions, Blacksmithing, and various other 19th Century Crafts. Spectators can also explore an authentic 19th-century log cabin and a recreated one-room schoolhouse, jail, and country store. Sunday even features a historically accurate 19th-century Church service.

The Spectacle of Battle

The climax of the festival undoubtedly resides in the weekend's three dramatic recreated battles on a historically accurate battlefield. Hundreds of historically accurate soldiers reenact the pivotal Battle that shielded the Town of Aiken from the advances of Sherman's Cavalry. These vivid recreations serve both as an entertaining spectacle and an educational tool, enlightening the public about the events of the War Between the States.

A Submarine Spectacle

In a unique twist, this year's Battle of Aiken will introduce the CSS H. L. Hunley traveling exhibition. This extraordinary exhibit includes a full-scale replica of the world's first successful combat submarine, the CSS H. L. Hunley. Reenactors will share the gripping and tragic story of the heroic Hunley crew, a narrative that has captured the imaginations of many. Moreover, the recreated submarine is set to be featured in an upcoming movie, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the experience. This is truly a must-see for children and history enthusiasts alike.



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21 Feb 2025 - 23 Feb 2025
11:00 AM to 05:00 PM
Adults: $15, children from 13-18 years old: $10, Children from 5-12 years old: $5


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