Dade's Battle Reenactment

Dade's Battle Reenactment

Florida, USA

In honoring the commemoration of the 1835 Dade's Battle, marking the onset of the Second Seminole War, each day brings forth a vivid reenactment. Immerse yourself in the historical ambiance, featuring camps of period soldiers, Seminole tribes, and civilians. Wander through a period vendor trade fair, where the echoes of historic arts and crafts demonstrations resonate. Experience the thunderous impact of full-scale cannon firing, and witness 19th-century games and activities tailored for the amusement of children. Step back in time and relive the saga of Dade's Battle, where every detail unfolds to transport you to an era rich in history and cultural exchange.

6 Jan 2024 - 7 Jan 2024
09:00 AM to 05:00 PM


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