Festyn Historyczny "Rycerskie Średniowiecze"

Festyn Historyczny "Rycerskie Średniowiecze"

Zamek w Liwie, Stefana Batorego, Liw

Festyn Historyczny "Rycerskie Średniowiecze" is a Historical Festival at the Castle in Liw.

In 2020, the participants of the Festival will travel back in time to the Middle Ages. This era is associated with brave knights and beautiful princesses living in inaccessible castles; legends about dragons, fairies and elves, but this is only part of her colourful history.

What you can expect

  • Medieval arts & crafts
  • Knights' duels
  • Archery
  • Court dance course
  • and more

Be sure to visit the castle itself, it is included in the admission.

Related place

1 Jun 2020 - 3 Jun 2020
08:30 AM to 03:00 AM


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