Living History Days at Lowe-Volk Park

Living History Days at Lowe-Volk Park

Ohio, US

Join us for a juried Revolutionary War encampment that centers around the capture and subsequent death of Colonel William Crawford in 1782 at the exact location where it happened. Artisans, Patriot, Native, and British reenactors are all invited to participate. Experience the Lantern Tour on Friday night and witness two "captures" each day. Participants can enjoy a continental breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, and a potluck on Saturday night with ham provided.

The encampment will be held in a beautiful park setting, complete with indoor facilities, water, and wood. This event is free for all to attend. Come and immerse yourself in history and honor the bravery of those who fought for our nation's independence.

2 Jun 2023 - 4 Jun 2023
10:00 AM to 05:00 PM


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