Rails to Victory WW2 Living History Reenactment

Rails to Victory WW2 Living History Reenactment

Illinois, United States

Experience the suspense and drama as the Allies battle for Victory in Europe. Continue your immersion in history by walking through a WW2 military encampment, and viewing period Battles.

"Berlin Express", Passengers start their immersive journey into 1945 Germany during the Allied Advance to take Berlin and end the war. Passengers will board the interurban trolleys in Berlin  (Castlemuir Depot) where passengers are required to present their ID papers to the German Reichsbahn Railroad Conductors. During the hour-long round trip journey into the heart of Germany on the museum's 3 miles of track, passengers will experience scenarios that include the Allied Monuments Men, German Patrols, Captured POWs, and the Battle of Berlin.

The Berlin Express will run three times throughout the weekend. It's best to make reservations.

What you can expect

  • Berlin Express with Bridge Battles
  • Military encampment
  • Weapons demonstrations
  • Military vehicles
7 Jun 2024 - 9 Jun 2024
10:00 AM to 05:00 PM


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