The Army on Campaign

The Army on Campaign

Bidwell House Museum 100 Art, School Rd, Monterey, MA 01245, US

Step into the remarkable world of the American Revolutionary War period at "The Army on Campaign" reenactment, hosted by the Bidwell House. Immerse yourself in a three-day living history experience that vividly portrays the lives of troops and followers during the 1770s. This captivating event, presented by His Majesty's 52nd Regiment and Spencer's Additional Continental Regiment, offers a unique opportunity to delve into the intricacies of army life during this pivotal era.

Engage with captivating lectures that shed light on various aspects of the Revolutionary War, such as the challenges of laundry, health and wellness practices, military discipline, and provisioning the army. Gain valuable insights into the daily routines, struggles, and triumphs of soldiers and their followers.

Witness compelling tactical demonstrations that showcase the strategies and maneuvers employed by troops during this tumultuous period. Experience the adrenaline rush as skilled reenactors recreate battle scenarios, providing a glimpse into the intensity and courage exhibited on the front lines.

Explore the meticulously reconstructed army camps, where you can interact with knowledgeable historical interpreters. Engage in conversations about everyday life in both the British and Continental armies, and deepen your understanding of the challenges faced by soldiers and their supporters.

"The Army on Campaign" reenactment invites you to step back in time, enabling you to forge a connection with the past. Immerse yourself in an unparalleled living history experience, where authenticity and attention to detail bring the Revolutionary War era to life.

23 Jun 2023 - 25 Jun 2023
10:00 AM to 06:00 PM


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