Arundel Festival of History

Arundel Festival of History

West Sussex, UK

We bring you the excitement of life in Britain from the Stone Age to the modern-day.

Characters from the past demonstrate combat, cookery, and crafts in the large encampment of tents through the ages. Our medieval blacksmith hammers out iron heated on a blazing forge, Bronze age man grinds flour, and our Roman gladiator trains with fork and net.

The falconers impress us with their mastery of these magnificent birds of prey and Victorian beggars pester you for a few pennies to feed their hungry children.

Throughout our history, we have fought each other with swords, bows, and guns. Enjoy the clash of steel, the deadly silence of arrows in flight, the thud of axes, and the sounds of gunfire during 12,000 years of combat.

Our Knights Table will be serving delicious food and drinks, inspired by the past.

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26 Aug 2023 - 28 Aug 2023
10:00 AM to 06:00 PM


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