Slag om Bourtange

Slag om Bourtange

Bourtange, Groningen, Netherlands

Experience the year 1814 in Bourtange. Napoleon's troops are located in the fortress. The Dutch army, supported by helpful armies from, among others, Belgium, Germany, England, and France, are trying to reclaim their fortress.

The roar of the cannons, the popping of the muskets, the war melodies on drums and flutes and the sight of heroic soldiers fighting for their land will remain with the visitor for a long time.

This event includes:

  • Camp
  • Battle reenactment
  • Parade
  • And much more


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2 Jun 2023 - 4 Jun 2023
10:00 AM to 05:00 PM
Adults: € 8,50, children above 6 years old: € 4,50


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